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At this time, Young Adult Fantasy Books is offering this promotion service FREE of charge. We want to help authors reach more readers, and we want to help readers fall in love with new books. The first three promotions will run at no cost to the authors participating, after that there will be a nominal fee per book to cover advertising costs.

How it Works

  • Choose the promotion you would like to participate in from the options below.

  • Fill out the form with all the relevant information. (If you don’t provide us with links to your sales channels, we won’t go searching for them.)

  • Put the date of the promotion in your diary!

  • Make sure you have your price changes ready to go a few days before the promotion begins.

  • Wait for an email from us with all the details so you can share the promotion with your readers.


All authors who sign up for a promotion with Young Adult Fantasy Books must agree to the following:

  • All books must be suitable for young adult readers, and fall under the genres outlined in each specific promotion sign up.

  • All books must be on sale or free according to the details listed within each specific promotion.

  • Books will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, and the sign up form will close once the quota is reached.

  • The number of books will be limited to a maximum of 80.

  • All authors participating must commit to sharing the promotion via social media channels and/or your newsletter. The more we share the further our reach will go.

  • Books must be of high quality with professional presentation.

  • Young Adult Fantasy Books reserves the right to reject any book that we feel will not fit the promotion.

Promotions Open for Application

Check out our current promotions and see if we have one that’s a good fit for you.

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